Attendance Information

Regular school attendance is paramount to the success of each student. We understand there are times due to illness and unforeseen events that may require you to be absent, arrive late,  or request early dismissal. To ensure that your time here at The Hanover Center for Trades and Technology is fulfilled, we ask that you make every effort to be in attendance. 

When there is cause for you to be absent, arrive late, or request early dismissal, we ask that you please follow the guidelines on this page.

Attendance matters

Absence/Late Arrival to School

All students are to arrive by 10:50 a.m. If any Hanover County Public Schools transportation is delayed, the student will not be considered late. Any other transportation of a student by parent/guardian, personal vehicle, etc., arriving after 10:50 a.m. is late.

All absences/late arrivals will be marked as unexcused in PowerSchool. Changes will not be made to student attendance until a parent/guardian submits the following to the front office: 

  • a parent-signed note, either emailed, faxed, or brought in by the student
  • medical or court documentation, or  
  • if late arrival, the parent/guardian brings the student inside and signs in at the front office.

Early Dismissal from School

If an early dismissal is necessary, please adhere to the following:

  • Student must bring their early dismissal note to the front office upon arrival to THCTT.
  • For any early dismissal requests received during the school day, a note must be submitted by the parent/guardian by fax or email. Phone calls will not be accepted.
  • The parent/guardian or authorized person will come in to sign out the student at the front office.

THCTT Attendance Note

View and print the THCTT attendance note below:

  • THCTT Attendance Note
  • Please email Vanessa Spurlock, or send a fax to (804) 723-2039.
  • All attendance notes submitted to the front office must include the following: student full name, parent/guardian name, signature, date(s), time(s) (if applicable), attendance reason, day phone contact, and email.
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